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CleanTech Expert Recruiters’ main goal is to help you ditch the traditional hiring process which involves sifting through hundreds of resumes and settling for a candidate who may have the skills but not the experience that you need; or has the experience but not the skills.

To give you a preview of the quality of work that you can expect from us, here is a quick list of the services that we provide at CleanTech Expert Recruiters:

  • Advertised Selection Hiring :
    Depending on the job vacancy that you have, there may be a particular hiring process which will produce the most desirable results. One such process is an "advertised selection hiring". For this, CleanTech Expert Recruiters will be working with its network of top-performing advertising agencies and publishers in the area where your business is operating. The goal is to help you come up with an effective and attention-grabbing ad campaign to promote your business.
  • Customized Hiring:
    As mentioned earlier, CleanTech Expert Recruiters does not take a cookie-cutter approach in recruiting a cleantech professional or manager for you. If none of the traditional hiring methods fit, we will customize one which is perfectly tailored for your needs. 
  • Management Hiring :
    Our industry knowledge, worldwide scope and experience in hiring team leaders, managers, engineers, supervisors and executives and directors who specialize in the cleantech industry would guarantee the best results for you in finding the perfect match for your needs.
  • Shortlist Selection Hiring :
    Finally, you can opt for the traditional shortlist selection hiring. This is where CleanTech Expert Recruiters will give you a focused, clear shortlist of candidates who best fit your job description.
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