About CleanTech

Our team has many years of experience in recruiting low and high-level positions in the high-tech, medical, consulting and other fields.  For many years, we assisted our clients in finding the best fit employees and executives that they could get.

Since its inception, CleanTech Expert Recruiters has been focusing its efforts and specializing in hiring workers, professionals and executives specifically in the growing cleantech industry. To give you an idea just how varied a scope and how extensive an experience we have in recruiting cleantech professionals, here is a list of the specialized jobs that we can fill out for you:

  • Chemical/mechanical engineers
  • Environmental experts
  • Energy efficiency experts
  • Engineers who specialize in dealing with solar energy, wind energy and other forms of renewable energy
  • Experts in dealing with non-toxic materials
  • Sales and marketing professionals.
  • Top-level executives
  • Selective catalytic reduction professionals
  • Water purification experts

As you can see, CleanTech Expert Recruiters can hire either the most specialized cleantech professionals or those with a broader knowledge from diverse markets and industries. Once you choose us to be your recruiting firm, either for a permanent, part-time or per-project cleantech positions, CleanTech Expert Recruiters will be able to search and identify a candidate who will be the perfect fit for your needs.

In addition to the aforementioned skills specialization, CleanTech Expert Recruiters can also help you hire professionals and executives who work in fields like electronics, mobile, broadcasting, Information Technology, semiconductor and clean technology.

Entry-level workers, mid-level workers, directors, VPs, board members and C-level professionals who possess the skills and the experience in the cleantech industry or those who have the transferable knowledge and expertise that you need will be presented to you with the fastest turnaround time possible.

As a business, we understand how valuable time is for you. So rather than manually sifting through hundreds of resumes as you look for a Clean Technology professional, you can simply hand over the hiring task to us.

With our unique system and a pool of cleantech experts on standby, you can rest assured that the job position which you want us to fill out will no longer be vacant.


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